What is Online Reputation management?

Online Reputation Management or ORM is a process to control and monitor the beliefs or trust factor of an individual, brand, product/service and company itself on the internet. Reputation is the image or standard of intensity which is known as the real asset or value of a brand. Your brand value is directly responsible for and influences business in the market.

Why and who need to manage their Reputation

Why and who need to manage their Reputation?

No matter, it is an individual, brand or company online reputation is essential for everyone’s success. It takes long time, may be in years to build a reputation in the market, in the industry among the psychology of target market or existing customers and only takes no time to spoil it completely. A company may lose a lot of business due to a single negative post or comment on your company’s online profile. Generally, 93% of searchers take their purchase decision and gathers prior to the final purchase order and it influences a lot in the business/sales process. If they would find it in a negative way, then what will happen to your business? Think it and take it seriously. If your target audience does not feel impressed by your online reputation, they may switch their purchase decision to your competitor. If it happens continuously, you may lose business, which will be hard to regain it back. We must be extra careful that bad reviews, opinion, comment or news spreads like a wild fire.

Reputation Management consulting

We are at dmoons serves our client in all the directions to get them their reputation in a safe hand and we do consult online reputation management services on SMO, Blog, Press Release, Review and forum aiming to provide the superior corrective actions to manage it.

Our Process follows monitoring, Promoting, Suppressing, Recovering and Increasing at any way to get a complete sustainable online reputation through the following strategic steps.

Problem Identification and Analysis:

inspect the brand performance on the internet or Search engine result pages.

Classification of the negative issues in the web pages.

Bottom level tracking of all communication medium (Social media pages, Blog, forum and news feeds etc.).

Research on influential attributes of brand equity.

Monitoring and Recovery:

Search engine friendly content development, submission and optimization.

Monitoring shared sites, blogs, forums and virtual communities.

Negative Content reviews on independent discussion forum.

Active Social bookmarking and article submission.

Complete Respond/ Review Management system.

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