What we mean by Pay per click (PPC)?

Pay per click (PPC) or cost per click, is a segment of digital marketing or we can say it as an internet advertising practice to redirect traffic from a website (a host website/ publisher, most frequently visited by target audiences) to a target website (advertiser website/your business website), when your ad or link is being clicked at the host website. Advertiser websites pay the publisher website when a specific ad is clicked. Generally, it is the amount spent to get a single click on your advertisement to direct an inbound traffic to your website.


Simply, the Formula is:

Pay Per Click= Advertising Cost÷ No. of Clicks

How PPC is beneficial for business?

How PPC is beneficial for business?

Number of Clicks shows the effectiveness of an advertisement and it’s a parameter to calculate the level of awareness and importance of your displayed products or services.

Here are the reasons why you need PPC?

Pay when an interested person clicks.

Get the knowledge and preferences about your target market/ audiences.

Get a quick and responsive result.

Controlled cost of your advertisement by setting budgets on PPC platforms or in ad centers.

Get reach to your target audience at right time with right deliverables.

Where we do campaign your ads?

Get place your ads on an edge of highly competitive spot!

We do help you to get a highly competitive spot (where your ads will be displayed) with an accurate analytical process for your target keywords.

We consult for the most useful and effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) platforms.

We do sign a contract on behalf of our clients prior to the PPC campaign that allows us to participate against other advertisers in a specific auction or bidding process hosted by a publisher or, an advertising network. Generally, we manage the campaign fund, as per our client’s prior consent that they are willing to pay for a specified ad spot (based on a keyword.

Where we do campaign your ads

How we do PPC campaign for you| what are the basic activities involved during the PPC campaign?

Keyword Relevance Analysis

Extract the accurate PPC keywords, tightkeyword groups, and proper ad text.

Improvise Landing Page Quality

We Create optimized landing pages with influential, target keyword contents and customized to specific search engine results.

Monitoring Quality Score

Quality Score or quality index is a variable used by Google and Bing ads for rating of an advertiser on a specific ad on the web. The score is purely depends on quality and relevance of your keywords, landing pages, and PPC campaigns. We improve the advertisers’ quality scores to get more ad clicks at lower costs.


Get your best price

Give your target keywords we will suggest you the best place and a competitive price for your PPC campaign as per your requirement.

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