Terms & Conditions

Once you are placing an order with DMOONS, you will get a confirmation cum welcome mail from our end, by accepting the agreement with the following terms and conditions. If you are facing any issues throughout the service period, DMOONS shall be liable to incorporate the same and you should contact with sufficient identity information and particular supportive proofs of problem or issue. Please read carefully to the following term and conditions before you subscribe to our service(s).

DMOONS has a “Service Agreement” prior to the initiate any service deliver to the respective clients. The parties, the client and DMOONS should liable to perform within the limitations of agreement and shall remain bind at least to the end of agreed period of service. This is the first step of our operational processing, both the client and DMOONS have to abide by it.

On the contrary, all plans or service packages and its deliverables by DMOONS are on a monthly subscription basis. However, the client has the option and liberty to stop, resume, modify or restart the subscription at any point of the ongoing digital marketing campaign.

However, DMOONS doesn’t have any locking period. But, we recommend to our each client to continue the campaign at least for SIX months to identify a measurable improvement or a noticeable traffic to a particular website.

DMOONS deals with SEO, SMO, PPC and digital marketing or internet marketing consultancy services etc which are basically in a form of packages, and we sell it exclusively for digital branding. So, there is no way any web development work is involved in any plan. If at any point of service period our support or technical experts feel that a particular client’s website needs any kind of web development, it would be communicate promptly only in form of written document or through an email. Purely, it depends on client that they can take the responsibility of the web development by their own or it could be better. If  the client wants to assign the same assignment to the web designing and  development department of DMOONS, charges are to be applicable as per the nature and type of work.

Campaign keyword selection is based on the specialization of the service provider. So, the client has to approve the keywords suggested by DMOONS.

We work in a certain process mentioned in http://www.hsteliann.com/process and at each step is restricted to the approval of the client to go ahead. Without a prior approval, we cannot progress with the development or not authorised to make any changes to the website. DMOONS can’t be alleged responsible for any kind of hindrance in the approval process.

DMOONS is not going to be held responsible for any problem or error creating changes made by the client to the website. To make the website efficient, productive and search engine friendly, we may need to make some front-end or back-end changes; subject to the approval of these recommendations and suggestions by the parties.

We may need the website’s credentials like FTP/CMS/Admin login details. If the client wants DMOONS to make the developmental changes. The client is requested to change the login once the job is accomplished by DMOONS. This is how both the party could bring to an end any concern of further security breach.

DMOONS shall not be held responsible for any kind of virus and malware attack to the website moved up by the error of the hosting service provider. We recommend to our every client and website owner to have a dedicated hosting to avoid such issues.

On the contrary, we only guarantee to work as per the agreed plan subscribed by the client and complete the agreed deliverable at the specified time. We strictly follow the in time and updated development reporting, which are provided weekly, bimonthly and monthly reports to the clients that put together all the activities we have covered during a certain period.